Think of planning a trip to Europe without the help of a travel agent, or how about buying insurance without an insurance agent? Can you imagine being involved in a major league business dispute and representing yourself in front of the judge and jury? If you depend on people in the service industry for travel needs, filing a claim for hail damage to your roof, or handling legal matters, then why would you want to represent yourself in the most expensive and probably most important purchase of your lifetime: your new home? It is a common misconception that buying a new home directly from the builder without assistance of a REALTOR® will save you money. The price of a new home is the same whether you work with a REALTOR® or not. Since this is the case, common sense would tell you to utilize a professional to help you with contract negotiations, research of loans, or assistance choosing the lot!

One broker associate has been on both sides of the fence. For ten years she represented builders as an on site salesperson. During the past three years she has represented both buyers and sellers, in resale and the purchase of new homes. Here’s what she found: New home sales are a one-price policy . . . buyers receive all of the services and don’t pay any extra, but they also don’t receive any discounts. I always felt concern for buyers who weren’t associated with a REALTOR®, as they didn’t have the support system they deserve in such a major lifetime transaction.

In a fast paced real estate market, there are many new home communities to choose from. You need to ask yourself some pertinent questions when looking for a new home.

Is this a good builder? Do they have a solid business reputation, years in business, etc.? How does the quality of their product compare to that of other builders? What are the existing inventories of the various builders? What are the existing inventories of the various builders? How do builder models meet my needs (floor plans, square footage, location, etc.)? If I sell in a few years, what upgrades should I include to be competitive?

When you find the answers to these questions, ask yourself if the time spent in researching these answers was time well spent. Real estate professionals can be a valuable asset in collecting information in areas which may affect your decision on the purchase of a new home. If builders rely on real estate professionals to sell their homes, then why wouldn’t you, the buyer, take the same precaution in assuring yourself the best service and expertise in making this important decision!

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